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Power Mosaico

When the environment to be heated requires more heat, Power is the ideal solution. Available for models Mosaic, Nature (Ribes, Camelia and willow), Spekkio, Plot and Wall, Power provides more heat, without changing the appearance of the radiator, thanks to its greater depth and diffusion grille open at the top of heated towel rails. Ideal for those who need a lot of heat, or for those who want to reduce the size of the radiator.

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Immagine radiatore POWER MOSAICO

BASE PAINTING Bianco RAL 9010 lucido
RAL STANDARD COLOURS arancio pastello Ral 2003avorio chiaro Ral 1015 lucidoavorio chiaro Ral 1015 opacobeige grigio Ral 1019bianco crema Ral 9001 lucidobianco crema Ral 9001 opacobianco perla Ral 1013 lucidobianco perla Ral 1013 opacobianco Ral 9010 opacoblu oltremare Ral 5002giallo cadmio Ral 1021grigio platino Ral 7036grigio quarzo Ral 7039grigio seta Ral 7044marrone pallido Ral 8025nero profondo Ral 9005 opacorosso segnale Ral 3020viola pastello Ral 4009
METALLIC COLOURS antracite metallizzatobronzo metallizzatogrigio lucegrigio polverenero metallizzato